Horses will be Horses

Unfortunately Dragon has strained his Check Ligament and is needing some time off! He will be on walking work for 4 weeks then we can slowly add trot 5 minutes at a time for another 4/5 weeks where we can then start to introduce canter work. This is a very annoying set back but whilst he is recovering i will be making the most of the facilitates available at Writtle to kick start his rehabilitation before going home for summer in 3 weeks.

Back for the final semester of 2nd year

Time has flown by this year on the academy and i am so grateful for all the opportunities that have been given to me. I am looking forward to getting back to training with Jane to see what other goals we could achieve! IMG_4375

Petplan National Championships 2019

Firstly i would like to thank Jane and the academy with all her help with running through my tests with me and helping to perfect the movements from marker to marker!! After a nice early start our trip down to Hartpury begun, however, it did not go to plan as our lorry broke down 10 minutes into the journey, but i was in luck and a friend offered to take us. This set back didn’t leave much time on the other side and after finding out my arena it was time to tack up and get on. Dragon warmed up beautifully and we where ready to go in! The atmosphere was amazing! and i felt honoured to be able to compete there! I was so happy with how Dragon went however a mistake dropped our mark down. The aim for the day was to just go and have fun whatever the result and we definitely did that!! I cant wait to get him out again and aim to return next year!

Leaving the ground

Whilst Dragon is predominately a dressage horse now days he does enjoy a little jump now and then! We joined in with Miranda and Felix jump training the other day and he loved it. It’s also very good for his hocks to keep them flexing after his injections IMG_4243

Fitness Training

Over this year we have been having weekly sessions in the gym to help with our rider fitness. Kindly Grainne who is on the Cycling Performance course at Writtle kindly offered her services to whip us into shape and she defiantly put us through out paces!! She helps us improve our strength through using weights and cardiovascular fitness on the spin bikes. As a result of these weekly gym sessions i have notice in increase in both my strength and fitness but also my riding. As riders it is so easy to put all the focus on the horse and forget about our own fitness and strength which is just as important!! The key aspect of riding is gaining a partnership so logically the stronger the rider i.e. increased core strength the more balanced they are therefore helping the horse become more balanced underneath us which would result in an improved performance.

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to Grainne who has been pivotal to helping us improve our rider fitness. Without her help, humour and perseverance for putting up with us we would have never got to the stage we are now. We hope Grainne will join us again to help the Academy riders next year!!

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Arrival of the Academy Team Kit!!

The Writtle Equine Academy this year is proudly sponsored by Birkett Long Solicitors. Today the team kit finally arrived much to all of our excitement! Both Dragon and I will be wearing it out to competitions with our heads held high to help promote Birkett Long and WUC Equine Academy. Fingers crossed to the future ahead with this very exciting partnership

Practice makes perfect

Dragon felt amazing in our training session with Jane the other day. We set out a little dressage arena with some poles to work on my ten metre circles and corners for my tests as these are the areas i lose most my marks in. We really tired to encourage him to stand up on the circles and take much more lift into his movement which made the overall picture look 100 times better. After this we then put it into practice and ran through the dressage tests for our upcoming competition.

Fingers crossed this will help to improve the marks in the lead up to nationals!!