Training, Training, Training

Wow i cant begin to express how much jack and i have both improved thanks to Janes training.

the flat work is becoming smaller and more compressed which is in turn helping the jumping to become more controlled which is also helping with my confidence. Having trialled out a couple of bits on him i think we have finally found the one for him. Hopefully we will know for sure in a few more training sessions time. We have spent a lot of time on the flat work using poles to help keep him calm and to adjust the canter before and after the pole. Using the poles also helps to find the right moments in the approach and after the pole where i can just check him and adjust the canter without affecting the pole and eventually the jump.

Being part of the academy we are also fortunate enough to get training with a BE accredited coach Micheal Pavely. This was an opportunity i missed out on last year having Dragon with me who is a dressage horse. His teaching really makes you think as a rider how can i influence my horse and pushes your boundaries without the horse being pushed. Like training with Jane we focused on pole work and adjusting the strides between the poles making them either add an extra stride or take away a stride. This was invaluable for jack as he needs to become more adjustable in his canter whilst staying rhythmical and balanced.

Another amazing benefit of being part of the academy is all the support we get from other para-professionals. We where all lucky enough to get a free feed consultation from Briony who is a lecturer at Writtle and nutrition expert! She came and spoke to us all about feeding performance horses and how we can help ensure they are getting a balanced diet and enough energy from their feed to support what we ask them to do. She then came round and spoke to us all individually about our own feeding regimes. She was pleased with Jacks diet but still had a few recommendations to help improve it which i am slowly working in over the course of the next few weeks.

Furthermore, Jack was also seen by Claire who gave him a Chiropractic adjustment treatment on his pelvis and shoulders and the difference it has made was unbelievable. He feels so much lighter in his frame which in the long run will hopefully help the frame to shorten with more training.

I feel so lucky to be allowed to use all the facilities and help we get given as part of the academy package!

I look forward to the rest of the year

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