Back to Uni!

Wow what a crazy summer it has been. The horses have certainly kept me on my toes with a busy competition season with Jack and doing Dragons rehabilitation plan as well as trying to produce my young horse PZ ready to enter the big wide world of dressage!

All of the horses have been amazing all summer and i can’t wait to get back into training with Jane in a few weeks. This year i will be bringing Jack back with me and i would like to focus on getting our confidence up in the showjumping arena again.

Jack is not the easiest of horses and it has taken a long time to understand how his brain works. He often overrides his rational thoughts with moments of fear and panic and get a ‘bee in his bonnet’ so its been a long journey to get where we are now.

Jack has now finished his event season on a high coming 9th at Goring Heath Horse Trails so were ready to get working hard again to start placing again next year!

We look forward to returning to uni soon


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